100 Ways to Redesign the New York City Subway

Every weekday, well over 5 million people ride the subway in New York. It's an amazingly well-connected system, but it still isn't a perfect experience, and a design student at the School of Visual Arts decided to take on the challenge of imagining 100 ways the subway could be better. Each day, he posts a new idea on Tumblr—from more readable signs, to padded walls to reduce the squeal of metal as the train rounds corners, to bike racks.

Some ideas would be more expensive to implement than others, like a trash can that actually suctions garbage away through a chute to keep stations cleaner. Other ideas, like LED lights on train cars, would probably save the city money, and are easily within reach. Here's hoping some of the suggestions make it to reality, and inspire better public transportation in other cities, too.

Images courtesy of Randy Gregory Design

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