14 Ways to Show Love to Anyone, Any Time

Some people love Valentine’s Day- the fancy dinners, roses, etc. Romance just drips from cupid's bow. However, some people despise Valentine’s Day- the commercial consumption, the sense of loneliness that it can inspire, and the overall ick factor.

But why do we have to be in one camp?

Let’s take Valentine’s Day back! Let’s inspire ourselves and others to love more, give more, and be more! Heck, why not call Valentine’s Day the kickoff point for love, like New Year’s Eve for resolutions, and Thanksgiving Day for elastic pants!

Let’s scream in the streets about the love and joy that we can create in our worlds- for the world!

It can all start with you! Right now.

Here are 14 Ways to Show Love to Anyone on Valentine’s Day:

1. Give your local barista a 50 percent tip. Everyone needs a little/latte extra!

2. Hold the door open for someone your own age. We all deserve respect.

3. Pay for the groceries of the person behind you in line at the checkout. We could all use a little extra help.

4. Take out an ad in the local newspaper thanking your post person. There are a lot of unsung heroes out there.

5. Present a bag of Hershey’s kisses to your gardener. Who doesn’t love chocolate, especially whilst cutting the grass?!

6. Tell your bus driver she is pretty today. She is!

7. Notice your waitress’ nails/hair color/earrings and compliment it. We all go into the world trying to look our best.

8. Call your great aunt and tell her you were wondering how she was doing. You always meant to ask, and now is the time!

9. Donate books to your local library. It is the gift that keeps giving.

10. Write your child’s teacher a note. He or she does a lot without extra credit.

11. Volunteer at your local women’s shelter. Ladies need love always.

12. Wine and dine your favorite member of the aging population. It is never too late to feel special.

13. Knit a scarf for someone in need. Wrap them in love- literally!

14. Treat yourself with kindness. It all starts with you, and you deserve the best. Everyday and always.

It is about love. Delirious, reckless, delightful, aggressive, forgiving, inspired love. Look around- the opportunities to LOVE are abundant.

Bottom photo by Lindy Drew