15 Things People With Disabilities Would Like You to Know

This is very helpful!

For some folks, it can get awkward, so here’s a quick guide.

The key thing you should know?

People with disabilities are people first.

Here are 15 of the key takeaways, taken from the clip above:

  • “We need the same things that everybody needs, such as respect.”
  • “Focus on the person, not the disability.”
  • “Watch the person signing, and not their interpreter—or their companion.”
  • “Please ask first before trying to help.”
  • “Let me hold onto your elbow … don’t take mine.”
  • “Assistive devices help us to live their lives. Don’t assume you can touch them.”
  • “That goes for service animals, too; only approach or touch them if we’ve given you permission.”
  • “Don’t take it personally if someone with a service animal asks you not to touch or pet them.”
  • “We make our own decisions, sign our own documents, vote, volunteer, work, pay taxes, and get married.”
  • “Just because I’m blind does not mean I’m deaf.”
  • “Just because I’m deaf doesn’t mean I’m blind.”
  • “Just because I use a wheelchair doesn’t mean I can’t sweep you off your feet.”
  • “Take a deep breath, and relax. We don’t bite.”
  • “If you’re not sure, just ask.”
  • “Just treat us the way you’d want to be treated, and we’ll all be ok.”

There. The awkward is all gone!