5 Minutes of What the Media Actually Does to Women

Fact: Almost 100 percent of the images you see of models and celebrities are altered.

By the time models in advertising, especially women, show up in that ad for the latest fashion, car, or makeup—whatever it is that the image is trying to sell—their image has been altered in so many ways that there’s no way anybody could be that person. The same goes for a lot of Hollywood stars when they get their glamour shots taken and photoshopped.

It’s to a point where supermodel Cindy Crawford once said, “I wish I looked like Cindy Crawford.”

As Jean Kilbourne states in the below video:

[quote position="full" is_quote="true"]Women learn from a very early age that we must spend enormous amounts of time, energy, and, above all, money, striving to achieve this look, and feeling ashamed and guilty when we fail. And failure is inevitable, because the ideal is based on absolute flawlessness. She never has any lines or wrinkles. She certainly has no scars or blemishes. Indeed, she has no pores.[/quote]

When this clip was made, just a few were speaking out against the phenomenon, but there are more doing so now than ever before.

That’s a good thing.