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Six Not-So-Awkward Ways to Make Friends with Strangers

Introducing yourself to a stranger is scary stuff, it's like we all revert to our awkward middle school selves. This April we challenged the GOOD community to get out there, swallow their fear, and make friends with their neighbors.

Our GOOD Local chapters created events that brought together strangers from all over the city to meet each other. GOOD LA enticed neighbors to become friends with lemonade, a photobooth, and trivia. GOOD Chicago taught strangers to bond over urban agriculture and GOOD SF led fast and furious rounds of speed dating (No love connections yet, but we’ll keep you posted.)

Verdict? Our neighbors are pretty awesome, and introducing ourselves to them doesn’t have to be awkward at all. Our GOOD Local Chapter Leaders met over 800 people throughout the course of these events. Here are a few tricks they learned to becoming friends with strangers.

6. “Tell them a fun fact. Here’s one to help you break the ice. Did you know the land between the sidewalk and street is public space? You can grow whatever you’d like!” - Stacy, GOOD Chicago

5. “Blast some music, and start an impromptu dance party. Because who doesn’t want to learn The Babysitter?” (Scroll to 1:17 to learn it too) - Rebecca, GOOD Los Angeles


4. “Provide fun prompts. ‘If your neighborhood was a 'Sex in the City' character, who would it be?’ is a much more intriguing way to start a conversation than ‘Do you come here often?’” – Chelsae, GOOD SF

3. “Talk about that guy who shows up to the party in a thong. Instant bonding.” - Danny, GOOD Los Angeles

2. “Pick an interesting setting for people to meet, like Uncommon Ground, the nation’s first certified organic rooftop farm.” – Ben, GOOD Chicago

1. “Bring a buddy. Cute dogs are the ultimate social lubricant.” (Meet Mia, our unofficial GOOD SF Neighborday mascot) – Hunter, GOOD SF

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