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An Eco-Friendly Dress Competition in Time for Awards Season An Eco-Friendly Dress Competition in Time for Awards Season

An Eco-Friendly Dress Competition in Time for Awards Season

by Yasha Wallin

October 27, 2012

Ever been invited to the Academy Awards and faced with nothing eco-friendly and fabulous to wear? Me neither…but if I were, there's now a solution, thanks to Suzy Amis Cameron, actress and wife of Avatar director James Cameron. Since 2009—when her husband was up for an award—she's been running "Red Carpet Green Dress," a contest she created that calls on emerging designers to create eco-friendly gowns made from recycled, organic, or natural fabrics. Anyone can enter and the winning designer will have their dress worn on the red carpet by a "surprise" Hollywood actress.

The idea for the contest began as a way to raise awareness around sustainability in the fashion industry. "By bringing attention to the beauty and practicality of sustainable design, more people will consider sustainable alternatives and practices in their own lives and, ultimately, become part of the solution. Action begins with awareness," says the Red Carpet Green Dress website.

Heading into it's fourth year, Red Carpet Green Dress is partnering with Cradle to Cradle Products who will provide contestants with a selection of sustainable fabrics to choose from. This year they've also tapped environmentally aware design legend Vivienne Westwood to be a judge and mentor. Westwood has been more vocal as of late about her environmental concerns, calling on her customers to buy less—even of her own designs—so her participation is a natural fit.

Think you have what it takes create a winning design? The contest deadline is November 5, and the winner's dress will be worn to the 85th Academy Awards on February 24, 2013.

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An Eco-Friendly Dress Competition in Time for Awards Season