Mysterious Elephant And Monkey Cutouts Are Popping Up All Over Denver

It’s some sort of riddle

via Facebook

Strange things are happening in Denver, Colorado, and for once it has nothing to do with its Illuminati-controlled airport. Since Monday, at least 30 wooden cutouts of monkeys and elephants with #TWYA painted on them have been found throughout the metro area. Some people have received postcards in the mail with #TWYA written on them as well. It appears to be the work of the same folks that littered the area with strange baby faces last month, but no one knows what it means.

The organizers of this mile-high mayhem have created a Facebook page where people can share photos of themselves with the animal cutouts, but it doesn’t let on to what’s really going down. The only clue on the site says, “We’re not just silly and cute. We have a serious and timely message for our community. Will you be one of the first to solve our riddle?” They’ve also created a website, but all it has are links to articles on college costs, a list of new movies coming out and a bad karaoke video.

People are tweeting about it but they don’t know what the heck is going on either.

More on this story as it develops...