A Panoramic Photo of Last Night's Derecho Storm Over New York

It looks like New York City is ready for the return of Gozer.

The photographer Ryan Brenizer snapped this incredible photo of New York under a dark, dramatic sky last night. It looks like the city is ready for the return of Gozer.

Here's a detail:

Last night's storm, which swept from western Pennsylvania to Long Island, appears to be the summer's second derecho, a fast-moving and long-lived thunderstorm sometimes characterized as a "land hurricane." The common definition for a derecho (the name comes from the Spanish word for "straight") is a storm with wind gusts of at least 58 mph and a swath of damage at least 250 miles long. The graphic below shows where they tend to happen.

Or at least that has been the trend in the past. It looks like climate change—specifically summer heat waves like the one we had this year—make derechos more common and more severe.

You can get your hands on a larger version of Ryan's photo here.