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Brooklyn After Hurricane Sandy Through Lens of Photojournalist Mo Gelber

Photojournalist Mo Gelber document the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, exploring some of the areas worst hit by the storm.

With the worst of Hurricane Sandy now behind us, New York, and most places east of the Mississippi affected by the powerful "Frankenstorm" are now picking up the pieces of their rattled cities. In New York, many are still without power, subways are flooded, and lives are changed forever.

Photojournalist Mo Gelber, a Brooklyn local, set out to document the aftermath yesterday, exploring some of the areas worst hit by the storm, like Coney Island. He brought back these arresting visuals. While many people in Brooklyn were lucky, these images show that there were just as many who were not.

"The combination of floods and downed power lines caused many car and house fires," says Gelber. "The firemen couldn't put out the fires because in many neighborhoods fire hydrants were submerged under 10 feet of water. In some beachfront neighborhoods, the firemen tried to draw water from the ocean but the debris clogged their hoses. This photo was taken in the neighborhood of Brighton beach. The worst fires happened in a neighborhood called Breezy Point where 90 homes were destroyed in a mega fire."

Neighbors in Brighton Beach help each other remove buckets of water

Cars in Seagate [Coney Island] were lifted by floodwater and delivered a few blocks away.

A man in shock at the destruction in his house.

A wedding album laying out to dry.

Photos courtesy of Mo Gelber. For more images go here.

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