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A Reminder That There's Still Good Out There: P.S. 22 Sings 'Joy to the World'

P.S. 22's rendition of "Joy to the World" is a true harbinger of hope.

How do we move forward from a senseless tragedy like the school shooting in Connecticut? For one, we can take action to change the circumstances that contributed to the violence. But it also helps to have reminders that there's still good, beauty, and love in the world. One such reminder comes from the world-famous P.S. 22 Chorus.

On Friday afternoon, director Gregg Breinberg posted a short clip of the chorus' rendition of the traditional carol, "Joy to the World." It's not the kind of professional-looking video that Breinberg usually posts, but on the chorus' Facebook page, he explained his decision to share this version:

"We recorded this on my cell phone this morning right after it was taught to them. I was going to wait until our next rehearsal to rerecord this on our regular video camera, but after the tragic events at Sandy Hook, Connecticut today, I just watched and re-watched this video bawling my eyes out. The slightly melancholy arrangement combined with the joyful lyrics lent itself to a poignancy I never intended. But it brings me comfort and hope, whatever is possible after this soul-crushing, senseless act of violence. My hope is that it can do so for others. I am so lucky to work these special young people at PS22, the harbingers of hope, and am so grateful for them on this sad day..."


Indeed, "harbingers of hope" are sorely needed at this time. Thanks, P.S. 22, for sharing.

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