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A Roundup of New Environmental Legislation That Affects Los Angeles

Everyone's occupied with the presidential election, of course, but the wheels of local government keep turning. Here's a roundup of environmental legislation that was recently voted on in our west coast home of California, and the fate of each bill. We haven't had time to scrutinize the fine print, but it looks like good news overall. The list is after the jump.SB 974 (Lowenthal) - VETOED - Port Investment/Container Fee Bill [.pdf]SB 375 (Steinberg) - SIGNED - first-in-the-nation law to control greenhouse gas emissions by curbing sprawl.AB 31 (de Leon) - SIGNED - Empowers California Department of Parks and Recreation to field bonds totaling $400 million to create parks in low income park-poor communities. GREEN LA groups lobbied in support of the bill.SB 1762 (Perata) - VETOED - would have instituted a Climate Solutions Institute of California. There's hope of coming back to a similar bill next year. Many folks in LA interested in building this CPUC-funded UC-led institute in downtown Los Angeles.AB 2321 (Feuer) - SIGNED - enables the LA County transportation sales tax measure - Measure R - to go to voters.SB 1422 (Ridley-Thomas) - SIGNED - enables LA County to tap into $210 million of federal funds for the Fastlane project on portions of State Highway Route 110 and Interstate 10. Has a strong public engagement element.SB 1357 (Padilla) - SIGNED - allows beverage recycling fund to be applied to pollution prevention. [.pdf]SB 775 (Ridley-Thomas) - VETOED - would have reduced lead exposure for children. [.pdf]This roundup came to us from Green L.A., a group that's trying to coordinate all the multifarious environmental organizations in the city and affect local legislation. They don't have a website, but here's an LA Times piece on their efforts.

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