A Step Forward: GOOD Acquires Jumo

GOOD and Jumo are joining forces to align media with membership, and content with action.

Dear members of GOOD,

Today we announced a big step in our evolution. We acquired Jumo, combining forces to complement media with community, and content with action. This is the beginning of a big effort, and we're confident with their human capital, our human capital, and a shared objective of connecting likeminds to drive progress that much good stuff is to come.

We always knew that content was not the sole focus of our effort here. If you look at GOOD's founding statement in the first issue in 2006, it all revolved around an emerging sensibility - one not tied to geography, race, politics, or income, but to the values of pragmatism and idealism, creativity and impact. We've looked to support and reflect this sensibility over the past five years. We've fundamentally approached this task with content - articles, films, videos, infographics - anyway we could to celebrate creative solutions, and contextualize critical problems. We love doing this, and we're going to do more and more of it. But we think there is more we can do as well. We think that playing a team game against the challenges we face will be the most productive and exciting path toward our potential. To do this, we've been thinking about ways to facilitate team play. We built GOOD Finder first, and now GOOD Maker. We launched GOOD Corps to help businesses align profit with impact.

In a way you can think of GOOD as a tree, these projects and tools are branches that create more opportunities for people, NGOs, and businesses to engage in creative and productive ways. But when we looked at the tree, we realized that we had much work to do in constructing a trunk - a uniting framework that would allow our team to see that we were playing together and would facilitate this reality. We knew we needed this. Fortunately, 3000 miles away in New York, the Jumo team seemed to be arriving at a similar perspective, but having started with the trunk and now looking to create branches. In conversations with Jumo founder, Chris Hughes, and his senior leadership team, it became clear that partnering made sense. 1+1 could equal 3. Or hopefully more.

The exciting thing with this reality is that it combines a lot of hungry people who've been working on a similar problem set for many years. Together we think we have a great shot at really delivering something that responds to the need for this connective tissue uniting and activating thoughtful global citizens at a local, national and international level. Call it a special interest group for reasonable people, call it a content and engagement platform, call it a company trying to respond to the needs of its members, call it whatever you want. Frankly, it's an experiment, it's evolving. It started 5 years ago. And it takes a fun and exciting step forward today. Thanks for being a part of it. Let's win together.

Ben Goldhirsh, CEO and co-founder