A Thanksgiving Message from GOOD A Thanksgiving Message from GOOD

A Thanksgiving Message from GOOD

by Ben Goldhirsh Casey Caplowe

December 3, 2013

Thanksgiving is one of the best holidays. There's the food, and the family, and the friends. And that is awesome. But there is also a grand serving of perspective that comes with thinking about what one is grateful for. And that is the most beautiful thing. 

Here at GOOD HQ, we are very grateful for the opportunity we have to work for you. You, the members who bring so much energy and inspiration to each other every day. You, the executives at organizations and businesses giving us the honor to help align your objectives with social impact. You, the magazine subscribers, who support the work we do to provide editorial insight and coverage on the movement we are all part of. We are so grateful to all of you. 

Thanks for bringing your unique skills to join Adele in repairing damaged photographs left in the wake of the Oklahoma tornados. It exemplified the diverse abilities we bring to the problems we face. 

Thanks for offering up places to sleep upon hearing Jedidiah's plan to leave his job and cycle to Patagonia. It showed the warm nature of the relationships we have with each other. 

Thanks for putting up your resources to get Mike the funding he needed to launch his startup. It hammered home the potential we bring in collective action. 

Thanks for taking leadership roles in bringing this community together in cities across the world. It reflected the global reality of this team we are all on. 

We are humbled by your efforts and the support you give us to keep going, and trying, and hustling to provide new and better ways to support progress in all our lives. We pay our respect to you by engaging this opportunity with excitement and intensity. Know that we are busting ass to keep taking this whole mission forward in the new year. But that is what lies ahead. And for right now, it's just really nice for all of us here to have this opportunity to thank all of you, and to share what an honor it is to be at your side.

So much respect and gratitude, from the whole team at GOOD HQ. Happy Thanksgiving. 

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A Thanksgiving Message from GOOD