Twitter Is Having A Field Day With The Failure Of Trumpcare

Social media is on fire

Most politicians aren’t known for being funny—the public vs. politician relationship is usually more “laughing at you” not “laughing with you.” Even comedian Patton Oswalt, who can make a 1970s breakfast cookie hilarious, totally bombed while reading Mike Huckabee’s Twitter “jokes” out loud.

As you might expect, it only took a few seconds for Twitter to light up over the news about the failed bill to repeal the Affordable Care Act, and replace it with its “keep your legs closed” as the sum total strategy for women’s healthcare, and a roll of duct tape for just about everything else.

And this time, a few politicians managed to pull off some zingers.

Give it up for Senator Bob Menendez from New Jersey:

Put your hands together for Representative Ted Lieu of Southern California:

And, of course, actual comedic professionals weighed in with the socia media mot juste:

And, of course, Patton Oswalt tops them all:

Least funny, but most important, is this tweet from Representative Keith Ellison, reminding us that this whole thing is anything but a joke.

But, for now, let’s enjoy the moment.