Acting And Reacting Acting And Reacting

Acting And Reacting

March 15, 2006
Today, West Virginia passed new mine safety laws, in response to the Sago Mine disaster. Miners will be forced to wear wireless devices so they can be located, and a boatload of other safety reforms will be enacted. There are also emergency hearings being held in Congress, and more laws, one would imagine, will be passed shortly. The obvious answer to the question, "why, for heaven's sake, weren't these simple precautions already being taken?" is that businesses are not in the habit on incurring extra cost for no reason. So, until visionary business leaders come along willing to sacrifice a little on the bottom line, it seems as though it is going to take loss of life combined with public outrage to move industries and politicians towards meaningful regulation and change. This does not bode well.
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Acting And Reacting