Amber Rose Demonstrates the “Walk of No Shame” in Sex-Positive Video

“I respect that you enjoyed yourself last night!”

via Funny or Die

Anyone that has ever woken up in an unfamiliar bed and then journeyed home wearing the same clothes from the night before understands the pain of the walk of shame. Hungover, you shuffle like a zombie through the intense morning light without sunglasses. Your mouth tastes like charcoal because you didn’t know you needed to pack a toothbrush and so all you could do was put a dab of Colgate on your finger and scrub away. As you walk down the sidewalk, past people going the opposite direction towards church, your sex-crazed hair is a dead giveaway that you’d been busy the night before.

Should taking a walk of shame really have such a negative connotation? Shouldn’t you walk proud knowing that you got some the night before regardless if you know his or her or their names? Hip-hop goddess Amber Rose thinks it should be a walk of pride and, in her new video from Funny or Die, she takes an epic walk of no-shame and everyone is out to congratulate her, including: the mayor, random construction workers, and a mother.

WARNING: This video contains adult language.