America's Oldest "Net Zero" House America's Oldest "Net Zero" House
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America's Oldest "Net Zero" House

by Ben Jervey

October 28, 2010

Kelly and Matt Grocoff bought a 110-year-old Victorian home in Ann Arbor, Michigan's Old West Side Historic District, and immediately set out to make it a "net zero" building, or one that  generates at least as much energy as it uses, and—by their definition—"creates zero waste and will be a restorative part of our community."

As it turned out, Kelly and Matt's house earned a lot of superlatives:

  • America's oldest Net Zero residential restoration.
  • Michigan's first Net Zero energy home.
  • America's first Net Zero home restoration in a historic district.

Read more about their adventures in this incredible green retrofit and check out some more photos and video on their website.

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America's Oldest "Net Zero" House