A Pre-Fame Amy Winehouse Muses Over Her Future in Heartbreaking Video From New Documentary

Another unfortunate member of the “27 Club.”

A trailer for the upcoming documentary exploring the enormous talent and tragic decline of musician Amy Winehouse has just been released, and it’s pretty incredible. Amy, slated for release on July 3, tells the classic tale of an another unbelievably gifted performer succumbing to the forces of addiction in the face of meteroric stardom and tragically becoming an unfortunate member of the “27 Club,” the sad group of famous artists who died at age 27 (including Jimi Hendrix, Kurt Cobain, and Janis Joplin).

Like many in that club, Winehouse used her personal life and struggles as fuel for her musical creativity. In this trailer, she says, “I wouldn’t write anything unless it was directly personal to me, just ‘cause I wouldn’t be able to tell the story right.” Like the short-lived musical career of its subject, this trailer will leave you yearning for more.

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