It's always a little uncomfortable when horrible things are captured beautifully, as is the case with a new photo series by Andrew MConnell about American and European e-waste in Ghana, not far from the capital of Accra.We've all by now heard about entire villages decimated by e-waste in China, but apparently it's increasingly being shipped to West Africa, too. Once it gets there, it's worked on by kids, often without any protective wear, resulting in high rates of exposure to toxic chemicals like mercury and lead. Also, there are goats in the region-and they get poisoned too.

Think about how wound up we get (and for good reason) when we find out there's anything unclean near our houses or our water sources, and hen have a look at this series.

You can see the photographs here, under "Ghana."

And to be reminded how to dispose of your own electronics responsibly, click here.UPDATE: All photos in the original post have been removed.
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