Anti-vaxx mom asks how to protect her daughter from measles outbreak. The internet delivered.

by Bronwyn Isaac

March 14, 2019
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Earlier this year, there was a measles outbreak that started in Washington and has made its way to Oregon, and anti-vaxxers are the sole cause of this retro death threat.

Unsurprisingly, the same people who peddled anti-science myths about vaccines causing autism, have also bolstered the idea that vaccines are a personal choice and not a public health responsibility.

However, now that consequences of these choices have spread, anti-vaxx parents are storming their brains for ways to protect their children (this should be the updated dictionary definition of cognitive dissonance).

One anti-vaxx mom’s post went viral after she asked members of the private Facebook group “Vaccine Education Network: Natural Health Anti-Vaxx Community” how to protect her child from measles.

The post was quickly screenshotted and spread on Twitter, where people had a myriad of strong-worded responses to the mom.

A lot of people suggested she employ thoughts and prayers since she's already decided to forgo science.

Others suggested the best safety precaution was to give her daughter to smarter parents, who wouldn’t create a public health crisis.

Other parents didn’t mince words about how irresponsible and dangerous anti-vaxxers are.

A woman with autism chimed in to point out how absurd it is to put people at danger of death because of stigma against ASD.

Hopefully, this mom changes her values in time to save her child and protect the other children in contact with her daughter. Otherwise, she’s punishing her child for her own ignorance.

Share image via Richard Dawkins Foundation / Twitter.

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Anti-vaxx mom asks how to protect her daughter from measles outbreak. The internet delivered.