Art Market

Two New York designers are providing artists with a way to get life's necessities by simply painting them.

How many starving artists have wished that merely by painting a plate of food, they could make one appear? The New York designers Justin Gignac and Christine Santora have found a way to do just that. Creators of the website Wants for Sale-and its charity-oriented sibling, Needs for Sale-the couple simply illustrates something they want, be it Buffalo wings, next month's rent check, or "instant street cred," and sell the Lichtensteinesque canvas online for the item's exact cost ($12.70, $1,056.07, and £1, respectively-the last available only for purchase by Charles Saatchi himself).There's a refreshing certainty to this way of valuing art. As Gignac says, "It takes the subjective out of it. We don't make the prices-the companies do." And it has turned out to be an excellent vehicle for giving. With a price floor of $100, the Needs-a sink donated to Habitat for Humanity, footballs for Toys for Tots-have sold even more briskly than the Wants.LEARN;
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