The 11 Best Farmers Markets In The World

In honor of National Farmers’ Market Week, we tip our hat to the world’s best

We know, we know: the last thing you care about is another food holiday. But this week isn’t just any old excuse to eat a donut or drink a margarita (or three) at happy hour; August 7th through 13th is National Farmers Market Week. Not like we needed a reason to celebrate our tireless farmers, bakers, fishers, and food purveyors across the country, but we’re all about giving credit where credit is due—especially to the peple who keep our kitchens well-stocked with the best seasonal and local ingredients around.

Sure, you might have your favorite market, but have you ever wondered what it would be like to shop local on the other side of the world? In honor of our farmers and the markets they call home, we pulled together a list of our favorite global farmers marchés and mercados. Warning: They might make you hungry for an impulse trip.

1. Union Square Greenmarket, New York, NY

The largest market in NYC attracts 60,000 visitors each day with a mixture of local shoppers, chefs, and tourists, all vying for a taste of fresh produce and locally made goods.

2. Azadpur Wholesale Market, Delhi, India

The biggest wholesale fruit and vegetable market in Asia spans 46 acres of India’s capital city.

Image by Maggie Tauranac

3. Klong Toey Fresh Market, Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok’s largest fresh market is almost like its own small city tucked away deep inside of Thailand’s capital.

4. Kaupattori Market, Helsinki, Finland

Located in Helsinki’s South Harbor, this outdoor market boasts fresh produce, mushrooms, fish, even smoked reindeer (sorry, Rudolph), along with hot street food and local handcrafts.

5. La Boqueria Market, Barcelona, Spain

This historic indoor market in Barcelona dates all the way back to the 1200s and showcases some of the best Catalan produce.

6. Plaza de Mercado de Paloquemao, Bogotá, Colombia

Colombia’s capital city market is bursting with the colors of local fruit, flowers, seafood, and more.

7. Kashgar Sunday Market, China

This thriving yet remote market is hidden behind the Karakorum and Pamir mountains, but it was once the central trading point of the Silk Route and dates back to Roman times.

8. Ferry Plaza Farmers Market, San Francisco, California

This certified farmers market is teeming with local produce that draws 25,000 locals, visitors, and chefs each week.

9. Marché Bastille, Paris, France

When in Paris, don’t miss out on this bustling market filled with luscious produce, cheeses, mushrooms, and food products. Snack on fresh fruit under the nearby Bastille Monument or feast on your wares at the Place des Vosges park around the corner.

10. Rialto Market, Venice, Italy

This fish and vegetable market in Venice serves its population and the millions of tourists it attracts each year. Hint: Try the sought-after baby artichokes.

11. Borough Market, London, United Kingdom

London’s oldest food market dates back 1,000 years but is still very much a thriving hub of farmers, fishermen, bakers, food producers, and shoppers.

Screenshot via (left) Wikimedia Commons (right)

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