At 47 Inches Wide, This Is the World's Skinniest House

The world's narrowest building is now under construction in Warsaw, Poland.

In Warsaw, Poland, construction is underway on the world's skinniest house. At just 47 inches wide—and 27 inches at its narrowest point—the "Keret House" is so thin it's not even considered a real building by Polish standards.

Designed by architect Jakub Szczesny of Centrala, the residence is wedged between two buildings and has three levels, with a bedroom, bathroom, and office area. Electricity will be borrowed from a building nearby and the off-grid plumbing system is inspired by boat water systems. At first it will be inhabited by Israeli writer and the building's namesake Etgar Keret, and then used by artists, writers, and other creatives as an installation and workspace.

Photos via Architizer