That 47-Inch-Wide House Is Finally Complete That 47-Inch-Wide House Is Finally Complete

That 47-Inch-Wide House Is Finally Complete

by Yasha Wallin

November 19, 2012

You may remember the 47-inch-wide Keret House we wrote about being constructed in Warsaw, Poland. Now, the structure, in all its 4-foot-wide glory, is complete and inhabited by Israeli author Etgar Keret. Conceptualized by Jakub Szczęsny of Centrala, it takes the record for the narrowest house in the city.

On his website, the architect summarizes the interior:

The house will be equipped with all functional elements ranging from entrance door-mats to a refrigerator. Of course, the furnishings are designed to match the scale of the building—the entrance door-mat will be the stairs’ last step and the miniature refrigerator will be able to hold only a couple of soda cans. It will also have a mini-bathroom, mini-bed and even a mini cesspool. Each element will be functional. Just like in a dwarf’s house!

Szczęsny hopes the project will come to symbolize contemporary Warsawa city open to non-standard art forms and ideas. To this affect, the sliver of a building, officially being called an art installation, will eventually serve as a residency program for international visual artists, writers, and filmmakers to stay in for 20-day periods. This international program will encourage creatives to give back to and learn from the vibrant, changing city. In the meantime, the building's namesake looks pretty cozy breaking in the space for future use.

Photos by Bartek Warzecha courtesy of Centrala

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That 47-Inch-Wide House Is Finally Complete