Awesome People Are Lucky: This Guy Won $300 Million By Not Flipping Out on a Line Cutter

Mike Barth's patience with some nameless jerk earned him a payday of epic proportions.

Mike Barth wasn't paying attention on March 25 when a man ducked in front of him in line to buy a lottery ticket at Coulson's News Center in Albany, New York. Barth was waiting to buy a ticket also, and he almost gave the man a piece of his mind before thinking better of it. "I just let it slide," he says.

Today, Barth is a multimillionaire thanks to his level head. Because after he let that stranger take cuts, Barth stepped up and bought the winning Mega Millions ticket. Had he made a big fuss, he'd have bought the stranger's losing ticket instead of winning a whopping $319 million—a sum he's splitting with six coworkers.

Of course, being courteous and restrained in line won't guarantee you'll win the lottery. But this is a great instance in which a courteous guy did win, and we're happy for him.