Aziz Ansari Thanks His Parents for Immigrating to the U.S. So He Could Spend Frivolously on Juice

“I made a bad investment in juice.”

Aziz Ansari’s brand new Netflix special “Live at Madison Square Garden” drops at midnight and if this preview clip is any indication, he’s as goofy and delightful as ever while tactfully tackling much more serious and thoughtful subject matter than in the past. (Take it from me. I sat through an entire set of his satirical and painfully on the nose Raaaandy character in a sweltering Bonnaroo tent many moons ago.)

In this particular clip, Ansari takes on the often thankless struggles that immigrants endure when they move to America and how important it is for first generation kids to be grateful for what their parents did for them.

“Like, could you imagine if you sent me to Brooklyn with twenty dollars in my pocket?” he says. “I’d get there the first day like ‘Aw man I’m out of money! Just bought too much fresh pressed juice! Guess I gotta move back. Hey dad, yeah, I’m coming back to India. Things didn’t work out here. I made a bad investment in juice.’”

Ansari doesn’t stop at silly juice jokes. He digs deeper, recanting heartwarming and emotionally raw stories from his parents’ early struggles as a young Indian couple in ‘racist’ South Carolina.

Thank your parents, says Aziz, if only for the fact that, for many of us first generation kids, our biggest struggles are charging our Apple products.