After Elementary School Named A Building After Banksy, He Gave Them An Incredible Gift

“Remember it’s always easier to get forgiveness than permission”

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You wouldn’t necessarily call Banksy a role model for the youth. The rogue artist has stirred up controversy in cities around the globe, making a mockery of local law enforcement with his guerilla art installations. But at one elementary school in the UK, the kids got naming rights for one of their buildings. And when they chose to name it Banksy, he (or she) gave them quite the gift in return.

According to the Guardian, the kids of Bridge Farm Primary School in Bristol had been tasked with naming school buildings after notable personages from their area. To the administration’s credit, they allowed Banksy’s nomination to stand, along with the notoriously cutthroat pirate, Blackbeard.

And then, surprise! Students arrived one recent morning to find a striking mural painted on the side of the building. In it, a young girl is depicted playing a traditional game, rolling a tire with a stick. In Banksy’s signature style, the crude, cartoonishly painted girl contrasts vividly with the tire, which is set aflame.

Banksy also left a cheeky note with the school caretaker, telling the kids “remember it’s always easier to get forgiveness than permission.” The mural was confirmed to be an authentic Banksy by Pest Control, a group of his agents tasked with verifications (there have been a number of global fakers).

The school’s headteacher, Geoff Mason, told the Guardian they had no plans to sell the mural—Banksy originals can fetch top dollar at auction—and that he finds the art “inspirational and aspirational.” However, he will not be allowing students to modify or add to the mural, as Banksy also suggested in his note.

Whether the kids will listen to Mason or to super-cool international artist Banksy is still to be determined.

Thumbnail image: Screenshot from Guardian video


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