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A 'barefoot runner' complained about acorns in the neighborhood. It did not go over well.

Facebook community groups can have a nasty underbelly.

A 'barefoot runner' complained about acorns in the neighborhood. It did not go over well.

You haven’t TRULY lived at the crossroads of technology and community until you’ve joined a neighborhood Facebook group. In the best of times, these groups serve as great organizing tools for neighbors looking to connect with each other, demand better living conditions, and spread info about housing availability.

However, the obnoxious underbelly of these groups involves lots of petty complaints, entitled neighbors, and sometimes expressions of paranoia or racist profiling.

In a more absurd marriage between petty complaint and entitlement, an (anonymous) member of a neighborhood group posted a lengthy complaint about the acorns littering the block only to quickly get roasted.

I advise you to fully settle in so you can enjoy this beautiful piece of work.


Since this post reads more as an Onion column written to mock yuppies than an actual complaint, the original poster was quickly dragged to shreds.

People were quick to point out how the problem could be easily solved if the “competitive barefoot runner” compromised their values enough to wear shoes while running.

Many of the neighbors were blissfully previously unaware of the existence of “competitive barefoot runners,” because they presumably have lives and real problems to worry about.

To make matters even better, the distressed barefoot runner reported the ENTIRE neighborhood group for cyberbullying. If “Portlandia” hasn’t adopted this into an episode yet, they are truly missing out.


Given all the acorn talk, one neighbor helpfully shared a delicious recipe the barefoot runner can hopefully adopt into his lifestyle.


But wait, there’s more!

This isn’t the first time he’s posted something absurd enough to gain notoriety in his community. When he first moved to the area, this man also posted about COMPETITIVE UNICYCLING.


Needless to say, this whole absurd ordeal has brought pure joy and bliss to the internet as a whole.


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