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Baron Hill: Congress's Best Climate Messenger? Indiana Candidate Nails Climate Messaging: "This is God's Green Earth and We Ought to Respect It"

Baron Hill presents an awesomely reasonable rebuttal to climate-change deniers-it's an object lesson for science-adhering politicians.


I don't know anything about Baron Hill, the Democratic incumbent in Indiana's Ninth Congressional District, except what I learned from watching this video. And what I learned is that Baron Hill is better at messaging climate science and cap-and-trade and carbon emissions reduction than just about anyone out there, and certainly better than all but a couple politicians. (Though Schwarzenegger might have him beat for badassitude alone.)

Seriously, look at how he strikes back at two climate science denying candidates in this recent debate, the transcript of which is below.

Rep. HILL: The science is overwhelming. There is no question that man is contributing to climate change. No question about it. The science is overwhelming. Look, folks: this is God's green earth and we ought to respect it. We ought to do what is right for our environment. This bill is what's right for our environment. This is God's green earth and we ought to protect it. For years, we have tried to pass legislation and the special interests always bought it out. If this is so bad, why did Ronald Reagan himself do the same thing with sulfur when he was President of the United States? Same cap-and-trade bill. No difference. Same bill. This is not what people have portrayed it to be. It's the special interests again using their money influence to make sure that their interests are protected and not our environment.

God, special interests, and Ronald Reagan. That's how it's done. Reasonable, science-adhering politicians take note.

Video from Think Progress

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