Man Conducts Remote Interview For The BBC, Then His Kids Barge In And Things Get Hilarious

A frantic scramble ensues

There’s some pretty serious stuff going on in South Korea right now. President Park Geun-hye has been impeached by a high court, and the western world is trying to figure out exactly what to make of it, especially amid the turmoil of the political scenes in the United States and Europe.

Fortunately, the BBC reached out to Robert E. Kelly to help put the South Korea situation into perspective. Unfortunately, Kelly forgot to lock the door to his office, so early into his analysis, broadcast via Skype, his toddler comes barging in, running up to her father as Kelly tries his best to nonchalantly stiff-arm the tyke, keeping her at bay.

For good measure, the little girl is wearing goggles—they might be prescription glasses for kids—which adds to the hilarity.

Then, his younger child in a walker crosses the threshold, only making it so far before a woman, realizing that she’s failed Mr. Kelly in this moment, frantically comes in to scoop up the tots.

As funny as the kids’ videobomb is, it’s equally funny to watch Kelly walk the fine line between composure and laughter. He kept it together nicely; all parents can relate. And since this video is going viral, we’re all learning slightly more about South Korea policy choices than we would have otherwise, right?