Behold the Betacup Challenge Winner

We've been following this Betacup project with interest. The challenge: to design a solution to the problem of the wasteful disposable coffee cup. See this post for the background.

Yesterday, the winning idea was announced. Check it out above. Unlike some of the other entries, this one, called the Karma Cup, redesigns the coffee-shop incentive structure rather than the cup itself. Here's how it works: If you bring a reusable cup in, you get to mark a board by the register. Every tenth person to mark the board gets a free coffee. No reusable cup? You're not part of this shared rewards program.

It's brilliant. It's like a frequent buyer program, but the points, and the free coffee, are shared by the people who bring in their own cups. That really adds an element of camaraderie to a behavior that's inherently socially-minded, which is exactly as it should be.

You can see all the finalists and runners up here.