Best Urban Infographics Ever

Urbanist Yuri Artibise loves urban infographics. So do we. Here's our mutual love fest.

The inimitable Yuri Artibise who has devoted himself to the Herculean task of making one of the country's most unwalkable cities (Phoenix), walkable, offers up on his Yurbanism blog a selection of his favorite urban infographics.

Artibise's top 5 include The Broad Street Cholera Outbreak of 1854(which was perhaps the first urban data visualization); Massimo Vignelli's iconic New York Subway Map (1972); Eric Fischer's Flickr-photo generated exploration of "Where Tourists Really Flock"; Wired's awesome "What a Hundred Million Calls to 311 Reveal About New York" (hint: its residents are noise-averse and generally displeased with taxi cabs); and Thumb's vibrant "Ring Roads of the World" that renders ugly urban sprawl into something gorgeous.

Artibise lists a few other favorites such as the National Building Museum's "Cost of Owning a Car." At GOOD, we can't get enough of this stuff so Yuri, thanks for adding us to your list!