Beyoncé Announces #BeyGood Campaign to Aid Children Affected by Flint Water Crisis

Queen Bey’s philanthropic act follows Jay Z’s recent $1.5 million donation to Black Lives Matter.

To top off her release of the “Formation” music video, conquering of the Super Bowl halftime show, and announcement of her world tour, Beyoncé has extended a philanthropic arm to the residents of Flint, Michigan, by introducing a fund for children who are suffering because of the city’s water crisis.

Through her #BeyGood campaign and a partnership with United Way, the singer is giving fans the opportunity to support the local United Way of Genesee County, which has been a major player in distributing essential supplies such as water filters, replacement cartridges, and bottled water to Flint residents. According to Live Nation Entertainment, the initiative will also partner with the Community Foundation of Greater Flint to find long-term solutions that address the “developmental, education, nutrition, and health needs” of the children impacted by the crisis. More information about how to help out will be posted by @BeyGood on Twitter.

On Friday, Tidal, Jay Z’s music streaming service, donated $1.5 million to Black Lives Matter in partnership with Roc Nation on what would have been Trayvon Martin’s 21st birthday. Beyoncé joins a growing list of celebrities who have donated to Flint, among them Aretha Franklin, Jimmy Fallon, Pearl Jam, Seth Meyers, and Madonna.

Queen Bey seems to be doing more good for Flint residents than Michigan Governor Rick Snyder, who dodged a congressional hearing on the water crisis and recently celebrated his wife’s birthday with a luxury-themed party while his poor constituents drank poisoned water only 50 miles away. Meanwhile, irrelevant, out-of-touch white people somewhere are still grumbling about how Beyoncé’s Super Bowl performance managed to somehow be both meaningless and too political.

via Jason S Campbell / Twitter

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