Bill Cosby’s Video Message: “I’m Far From Finished”

The comedian is seen lounging in silk pajamas as he makes phone calls to fans.

Bill Cosby reached out to his remaining fans—all three of them—in a video aired by ABC News on Monday. The ten-second video, titled, “I’m Far From Finished” captures Cosby lounging in an armchair and wearing silk fuchsia pajamas as he makes phone calls on a rotary phone, inviting people to his comedy tour. “You know I’ll be hilarious!” he says to a fan, the existence of which we cannot independently verify. Cosby makes no mention, however, of the 30-plus women who have come forward since 2004 to accuse him of sexual assault.

The video, according to ABC News, came accompanied with the following message:

“Dear Fans: I hope you enjoy my wonderful video that’s filled with LAUGHTER. Hey, Hey, Hey. I’m Far From Finished.”

Just last month, a former model named Heidi Thomas came forward for the first time, accusing Cosby of luring her to his home in 1984 under the pretense of a coaching session, and then drugging and assaulting her. Earlier this week, a woman who was involved in the 2005 lawsuit against Bill Cosby told Buzzfeed that Cosby assaulted her twice: once in 1978, and then once again in 1980.

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