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Bill Nye Used A Colorful Analogy To Criticize Gay Conversion Therapy, Leaving Homophobes Fuming

They all scream for Nye cream

Bill Nye’s new show on Netflix Bill Nye Saves the World doesn’t have an agenda beyond the advocacy of science and scientific methods, but recent reaction shows homophobes took his message very personally following a colorful and clever animated cartoon that shows the ridiculousness of gay conversion therapy.

Nye isn’t the first person to use ice cream preference as a metaphor for human sexuality, but this instance might be the one that found the biggest audience. And in that big audience were many homophobic Americans who, missing the point entirely, went on quite a tear.

As a man of science, Bill Nye attributed the fervor behind conversion therapy to religion, which further drew the ire of certain psychographics, leading to headlines like this, taken from the Conservative Tribune:

Conservative Tribune

We also get this header, far-reaching in more than one way:

PJ Media

Included in the latter article’s rebuttal to the cartoon about ice cream:

The thing that is upsetting about Nye's assessment of Christianity is that he is presupposing that we are out here trying to forcibly convert people against their will. That simply isn't happening. The ‘gay conversion’ therapy they are always harping about is usually sought out by the person who wants the treatment. If a person wants to get therapy to try and change his sexual attraction, should he be denied the therapy he wants? Bill Nye would say yes, and in Illinois, at least, it is illegal to provide such therapy.

If you find yourself in need of a quote demonstrating the dangers of conflating religion, politics, and science, the above excerpt should fit the bill quite nicely.

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