Bill Nye Lays out the Case Against Racism With Some Serious Science

On The Nightly Show, "The Science Guy" explains why racism makes no biological sense at all

Ask the average guy on the street why racism exists and you’ll hear a variety of answers such as: oppression, socio-economics, the media, slavery, geographic segregation, politics, genetics, or even religion.

So what are Bill Nye’s thoughts about why racism exists? Nye has spent a big part of his career as “The Science Guy” teaching children about the wonders of science and, recently, he’s worked to combat scientific illiteracy. So, what do you think Nye’s thoughts are on this heavily-debated issue? They’re probably not what you think.

In the video below, Larry Wilmore, host of Comedy Central’s “The Nightly Show” asked Bill Nye, “Does racism exist in the animal kingdom?”

Next time someone asks you why racism exists, tell them the answer is ultraviolet light and wait for the confused expression. Then tell them the good news is that, according to science, racism shouldn’t exist at all. Because everyone’s favorite “Science Guy” Bill Nye says, “We’re all the same...from a scientific standpoint there’s no such thing as race.” Now hopefully the rest of humanity will catch up to science.

(h/t Salon)