What Exactly is A Hologram? Let Bill Nye (And A Bunch Of Emoji) Explain

The Science Guy shows just what makes holograms special, with some help from his emoji pals

image via youtube screen capture

There are few things more comforting than knowing that one of your beloved childhood icons is still able to deliver the goods. Take, for example, William Sanford “Bill” Nye, “The Science Guy,” whose eponymous PBS series was probably just as influential on the developing scientific curiosities of countless elementary school kids as anything they actually learned in the classroom.

Since his show went off the air in 1998, Bill Nye has become something of a roving ambassador for science, popping up from time to time as a champion of all things exploration, experimentation, and critical thinking. What’s more, he hasn’t lost any of his edge: Nye’s instantly recognizable “mad, but not too mad-scientist” schtick is still just as entertaining—and just as educational—as it was for those who grew up watching him on TV.

Case in point, Nye’s perfectly straightforward, perfectly wacky, “emoji” explanation for what exactly holograms are, and how they work.

In this case, a bit of Nye-iffied hologram explaining couldn’t have come at a better time, as evidence mounts to suggest that our three dimensional universe may actually be a cosmic hologram projected across two dimensions.

The video was created as part of General Electric’s “Emoji Science” initiative, which features lesson plans, experiments, and videos, all augmented with the popular texting characters.

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