Let Bill Nye Explain Climate Change to You with Emojis

In a new video, Bill Nye explores hard-to-understand concepts with easy-to-love symbols.

With every passing day, Bill Nye just seems to get cooler and cooler. Now, one of America’s most popular pop scientists has come out with a brand new video explaining climate change. But because talking about the environment can easily fly over people’s heads (especially the strange, remaining few who don’t believe global warming exists), Nye has decided to illustrate his argument using imagery people from all walks of life can enjoy: emojis.

Image via Pixabay

In the video, Nye explores how the rise of carbon in the atmosphere impacts our physical health, with a series of progressively unhappy (otherwise known as “frowny”) emojis. But this isn’t the first time Nye has used emojis to talk about science. Prior to climate change, Nye used the images to explore Star Wars-style holograms and evolution theory. All of these videos come from GE’s science lab, produced for Mashable’s Watercooler YouTube Channel.

The video, posted above, is definitely worth a watch at work.

(Via: CNET)