#BlackGuyNerds Was The Best Thing On Twitter Today

And this is a roundup of our favorites

Earlier today, Twitter user BlackGirlNerds decided to put some shine on her male counterparts by starting the hashtag #BlackGuyNerds. And thus a new Twitter Moment was born.

#BlackGuyNerds started trending hard and provided a wonderful cornucopia of inclusive nerddom. So just because, here’s a round up of our winners for the day. Shouts out to Ghostbusters cosplay, Pokémon, 8-bit glasses and so many superhero logo T-shirts, because it’s always a good day to let your Geek Flag fly.

Magic Cards showcase the OG nerdverse.

Dog named Optimus Prime, FTW

The hashtag even worked as a spectator sport.

This guy might win the whole thing, because he rocked Google Glass, a set of 8-bit spectacles and a tie, and his name is listed as “Max Rockatansky.”

So happy hashtagging everyone, and hopefully you weren’t This Guy: