Born This Way: Telling Childhood Photos from Gay and Lesbian Adults

The blog Born This Way publishes hilarious (and poignant) childhood photos and stories from gay and lesbian adults. It doesn't look like a choice.

Over at the blog Born This Way a proud gay Angeleno, identified only as Paul V., publishes childhood photos and stories from gay and lesbian adults. Many of the photos feature young kids innocently flouting heteronormative gender expectations with total abandon (see above).

But interspersed among them are pictures of children that give no hint about their eventual sexual identity. As Paul explains:

some of the pix here feature gay boys with feminine traits, and some gay girls with masculine traits. And even more gay kids with NONE of those traits. Just like real life, these gay kids come in all shades and layers of masculine and feminine.

The point of the project, for Paul, is reflecting the truth of growing up with a different orientation and, hopefully, showing today's gay youth that others have had the same experience.

Via Eyeteeth

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