BP and Arco Stations Will Get Electric Car Charging Units

Maybe BP is trying to atone. The oil company has struck an agreement with ECOTality to roll out fast Blink charging units at gas stations.

Maybe BP is trying to atone. The oil company, famous in recent months for dirtying up the Gulf of Mexico, has now struck an agreement with ECOTality to install 45 480-volt Blink electric car charging units at BP and Arco gas stations in Arizona, California, Oregon, Tennessee, and Washington.

The Blink charging units, designed by frog, are sleek and attractive and, apparently, very user-friendly. See a demonstration video below. They can provide a full charge in 30 minutes.


These 45 stations are just one part of the The EV Project, a massive, federally-funded initiative to roll out the kind of infrastructure we'll need to make electric cars practical. And hopefully, with a few of these charging units at gas stations, the transition to cleaner cars will be a little less confusing for America's motoring masses.

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