A Recently Discovered Video Reveals Bruce Lee's Superhuman Martial Arts Skills In Action

Faster than the human eye.

Generations ago, Bruce Lee was the subject of legend and lore, thanks to his charismatic presence as Hollywood’s premier martial arts hero. It’s widely known that Lee arrived at that station through his dominance in martial arts competitions, but virtually no video footage of his early days exists.

Fortunately for Lee fans (and those who are just curious), a recently unearthed video has been restored showing Lee sparring with Ted Wong, who was considered to be among Lee’s most formidable students. But as you’ll see in the video, “formidable” is no match for the legendary Bruce Lee. The footage was taken during the 1967 Long Beach International Karate Championships.

You won’t be able to identify either fighter from their likeness, as they are both clad in protective gear from head to toe. As the video points out in the beginning, Lee is the fighter with his back to the camera.

Even if you weren’t informed which fighter was Lee, any student of his films would probably ascertain that he’s the one who’s barely moving, looking cool as a cucumber as his opponent hops up and down nervously.

The whole fight is characteristic of how movie fans imagine Bruce Lee, so it’s worth checking out, even if your martial arts acumen is nonexistent. Further, at no point does the match get anything close to violent, adhering rigorously to the “art” aspect of “martial arts.”

To get a sense of the powerhouse that Bruce Lee was offscreen, check out a clip of the man performing his famous “two-finger push-ups” using just one arm.

All that and the fashion sense to match.

Is there any question why this guy remains a legend?

via Jason S Campbell / Twitter

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