Footage Capturing Incredible Feat Suggests This Man May Have Actual Superhuman Speed

It’s easy to see why he was immediately dubbed the “fastest player in the world.”

Unlike popular American sports like baseball and football, which are effectively contained to just one professional league each, the world of soccer is vast and often — even by dedicated fans — unexplored. With the concentration of talent in the well-funded European leagues, standouts in other areas, despite being locally celebrated, may be unknown quantities to global fans.

However, thanks to social media and the ubiquity of viral videos, a player such Indonesia’s Terens Puhiri is getting exposure to a broader audience.


Because he’s so fast that it’s like looking at a cartoon character.

This video shows just how quick the Borneo FC forward is when tempted by a ball in the open field.

Puhiri stands just 5’ 5”, meaning that the number of strides that the player must take to reach this jaw-dropping speed results manifests in little more than a blur. Outlets have been quick to dub the previously unknown footballer the “fastest player in the world.” That may be sensational, but it merits consideration nonetheless.

His club has taken no issue with embracing the moniker wholeheartedly.

As it stands, Puhiri hasn’t gotten any interest from more prominent clubs, but no doubt a general manager somewhere is as impressed with not only his speed but resilience in staying upright as casual fans are. Whether or not this video generates any real interest remains to be seen, but he’s certainly getting his name out there thanks to this amazing display of athleticism.