Bruce Lee's Only TV Interview: "Baby, You Better Train Every Part of Your Body" [Updated]

Bruce Lee died in 1973 having done only one television interview. That was recently rediscovered, and we've got it here.


This is Bruce Lee's recently rediscovered television interview with Pierre Berton. Filmed in Hong Kong in 1971, just two years before Lee's untimely death, it is, surprisingly, the only TV interview the martial arts king ever recorded.

In it, Lee expounds on everything from the philosophy of combat to what makes James Coburn a better fighter than Steve McQueen to the concept of "natural unnaturalness." His thoughts on how the mind rules the body, and vice versa, are especially intriguing. It really comes through how brilliant Lee was, and it makes it even more obvious what a talent the world lost when he was accidentally killed on a film setdied at the age of 32.

UPDATE: The video has been taken down, apparently. We'll keep our eyes out for another version.