Building the Ultimate Adventure Playgrounds

If playgrounds are too boring, kids can end up reaching for video games instead. That's part of the philosophy behind the uber-creative adventure playgrounds from Monstrum, a Danish company founded by former theater set designers.

Their playgrounds are designed to get kids to move—they're supposed to be a little hard to figure out at first glance, with several possible paths to run inside. Kids can climb through the belly of a whale, under a giant spider, or up tall castles. Like the original adventure playgrounds, built from scraps of rubble in Europe after WWII, Monstrum's designs look a little bit dangerous. Though that's mostly just appearance, the designers say they also want to embrace a small element of risk: these are places for kids to test out taking on challenges. And they're definitely not boring. Check out photos of several of Monstrum's playgrounds below.

Images courtesy of Monstrum

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