Bundy Bans Bottled Water Bundy Bans Bottled Water

Bundy Bans Bottled Water

by Andrew Price

July 10, 2009
The Australian city of Bundanoon (or Bundy, as they call it-those Aussies love their nicknames) has become, it seems, the first city anywhere to ban bottled water. From the BBC:Campaigner John Dee said local opinion had been incensed when a drinks company announced plans to tap an underground reservoir in the town. "The company has been looking to extract water locally, bottle it in Sydney and bring it back here to sell it," he said. "It made people look at the environmental impact of bottled water and the community has been quite vocal about it." The town of 2,500 people held a public meeting to vote on a ban. More than 350 residents showed up and only two people (one of them a representative from the bottled water industry) voted against it. More details at TreeHugger.
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Bundy Bans Bottled Water