Bundy to Concord: Ban Bottled Water, We've Got Your Back

As we've mentioned, the town of Concord, Massachusetts, recently passed a ban on bottled water, but they're getting some static from the industry, which is threatening to sue. On the BBC today, the good people of Concord got a public letter of support from Bundy, Australia, the first town to go without bottled water.

You must understand that the industry may try to unsettle you and you must, above all, focus on having good public water sources on the streets and in the parks.

With this, the argument that you are somehow forcing people to drink "sugary" drinks fails completely. If you can look down the main street of Concord and see a water fountain or two then you are on the right track.

As more cities launch campaigns like this, I think two things will happen. First, each one will less attention than the last. The story of Bundy totally blew up but the fifteenth town to ban bottled water isn't going to seem as newsworthy. At the same time, however, as more towns demonstrate that the arguments of the bottled water industry don't hold water (heh), and help each other figure out how to do this the right way, the fight will get easier and easier.

At any rate the Bundy-Concord solidarity is awesome.

Image: Concord, MA, from Wikimedia Commons