Buy This Delectable Dessert, Support Japan

Indulge in authentic Japanese dishes prepared by these Oakland, CA chefs who are cooking to support earthquake relief in Japan.

The number of different fundraising efforts initiated in the wake of Japan's terrible disasters is inspiring. A poster to support the relief effort, featured on GOOD last week, has raised nearly $15,000 towards the relief effort. The latest to catch our eye is this Pop Up General Store presented by chef Sylvan Mishima Brackett of Peko Peko Japanese. He and his fellow Peko Peko cooks are donating the income from their sales to raise money for a relief fund set up by the Fukushima Prefectural government.

The menu includes Beef Curry Rice with Marin Sun beef, black sugar, farm egg, potatoes, carrots and cooked rice; Yuko Sato's Kombu Tsukudani; Kombu preserved with mirin and soy sauce; Ayako Iino's Miso and Pork Okazu, and Japanese Ume Plum and Grapefruit Zeri. All these delectable items will be for sale Wednesday, March 16th at 4629 Martin Luther King Jr. Way in Oakland, California. Call (415) 710-3926 for additional info.

Here's our constantly updated list of ways to help. If you find a creative way to support Japan, we'd love to know about it, too.