Caleb Medley, Shot in the Eye in Aurora, Needs Help

The Aurora massacre has been especially hard on victims without health insurance. Here's a way to help one of them.

Caleb Medley, an aspiring stand-up comedian and actor (he's got a bit of a YouTube presence), was at the midnight screening of The Dark Knight Rises last Friday in Aurora with his wife, Katie. It was a good time in their lives. Caleb had recently advanced in a big comedy contest in Denver and they were expecting their first child, Hugo, very soon.

At the screening,

They were having the normal opening night movie experience. They stood anxiously in line, spent too much on popcorn and soda, suffered through the movie trailers and watched the beginning of the movie. That is when evil struck.

Katie and the unborn Hugo made it out unharmed but Caleb was shot in the face. As his wife gave birth this morning (mother and baby are healthy), Caleb lay in an induced coma. He has lost his right eye and has some brain damage. He is also uninsured and his medical bills are expected to run well into the hundreds of thousands of dollars. So two morals to this story: First, let's get people insured. And second, here's a fund where you can contribute to his treatment if you've been lucky enough to avoid an unpredictable tragedy like this and want chip in.