Can Heroin Addiction and Cancer Be Cured with Herbs or Scorpions?

If African plants can cure drug addiction, why can't a deadly scorpion cure cancer?

An African cure for drug addiction is the focus of Neil Genzlinger's review of I’m Dangerous with Love in The New York Times:

It follows a man named Dimitri Mugianis, who says he beat addiction with ibogaine (which is banned in the United States) and who is now part of an underground network that seeks to help others do so.


The source of ibogaine—a hallucinogenic powder made from a plant—is Gabon. The results of the treatment during a shamanic ritual turns out to be inconclusive.

In Cuba, scientists at Havana-based Grupo Empresarial Labiofam are working on a cancer cure called Escozul that is made from the toxic venom of scorpions with natural anti-tumour agents. Both of these discoveries will be at least interesting to watch.